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that an upward trajectory is far superior to remaining stagnant in a "good place."  Our founding principles are to always be moving forward, empowering expansion and broadening horizons for our clients through integrity, our community through inspiring others, and our team through excellence.

Get to know us

Summit Sales Solutions is a marketing and sales consulting firm located in Kansas City MO.  Summit Sales Solutions (S3) focuses on connecting the innovative and growing Kansas City business community with many fortune 500 companies. S3’s commitment is to provide the highest quality customer experience paired with professionalism and value. Our vision here at S3 is to cultivate and create business and leadership opportunities for our team and community along with exceeding our client's expansion goals.

We strongly believe that working together towards accomplishing common goals surpasses the benefit of complacency doing the same things day in and day out hoping for a better outcome.


At S3, we don’t wait for solutions to fall into our lap we seek them out, which is also why our client portfolio is growing. Our clients choose us because of our ability to deliver results and provide the best experiences for their target audiences.  Our center of attention is to serve our clients in every way possible and facilitate the growth of our team members along the way into tenacious individuals and life-long colleagues.  The times may have changed, but our love for working with people and problem-solving hasn't. We’re driven by technology and innovation to ensure we fulfill our mission of helping our clients find their successful future and have life-long happy customers. We know we’d be nothing without the incredible people who make up our organization and achieving all of our collective goals possible. We’ve made it a top priority to provide leadership and advancement opportunities within our organization to better help our people get to where they want to go.   

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