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  • Why meet with customers and clients in person?
    Conducting business in person is a proven method for providing quality service for both clients and customers. Did you know that in-person networking and meetings are 34 times more likely to be successful than emails or mass messaging? Developing soft skills and learning how to effectively communicate is a crucial skill in every industry. As the world becomes more and more digital, the value of face-to-face connection is becoming more pivotal. The success of in-person interactions is attributed to the lack of actual one-on-one connection in today's world, this missing puzzle piece is costing a lot of people what they ultimately want. Compassion and connection are components of personal and professional life, things that robots and automated responses simply cannot provide.
  • Why get sales experience?
    Two of the most powerful skills in the world are sales and sales training. Everyday activities involve sales or negotiation skills of some sort whether you've thought about it before or not. Learning how to personally brand yourself and eloquently communicate solutions with others are skill sets that are more sought after now than ever. At S3, we take pride in our practices and training program that helps our team evolve their sales and marketing strategies. People may have a certain idea in their head when they hear the word, "sales", but they've got it all wrong. We focus on following our tried and true systems to provide a solution and results with integrity for our team and clients.
  • What is Summit Sales Solutions doing to ensure health and safety during the pandemic?
    We are following all CDC and state guidelines for both Missouri and Kansas. We aim to ensure everyone feels comfortable in their work environment with state and federal mandates. We are taking temperature checks daily of team members, have increased office sanitation protocols, and have had PPE gear for all team members since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • What can S3 offer potential candidates?
    Colton's story can help convey some key aspects within S3. His prior academic background is heavily focused on Molecular Biology, he has received various accolades and multiple scientific publications in research journals. By nature, Colton is fairly introverted and has developed a system to train highly effective sales skills for people with different personalities. He desires to teach skills that will help people live full and meaningful lives. He found himself feeling limited and burnt out in his previous professional field and was ready to take the steps to make changes. He focused on taking his background and previous experiences in a new direction applying for roles within other industries. Eventually, he found himself in sales, where he had the chance to grow both personally and professionally. After going through the trials, tribulations, and uncertainty that job hunting can elicit and finding an enriching career path, he now feels that it is his obligation to provide an opportunity for someone else out there who may be in a similar position. Whether that be looking for a new adventure or looking to make a change outside of their current field. In his professional career, regardless of industry Colton has found that three components help compose and sustain a company; culture, growth, and compensation. He strives to center initiatives in S3 around those components to continue to better the lives of people around him, which can only positively impact the lives and businesses of customers and clients alike.
  • Why work at S3?
    If you are seeking a new professional opportunity to be a part of a team rooted in authenticity, inclusion, and a high level of excellence then S3 may be an organization to consider. On the other hand, if you are feeling stagnant or that you've reached your peak in your current role, S3 may also be a company to consider, see our careers page for potential openings.


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